SanNap Menstrual Cup for Women (Medium Size, 20ml), FDA Approved with Storage Pouch - 12 hours Leak-Proof Protection. Period with No Rashes, Leakage or Odour

Product Description

★ FDA Approved

★ Easy To Use

★ Hygienic & Safe

★ Can Be Sterilised

★ Made From 100% Medical Grade Dyes & Silicone

Imported from INDIA


SanNap menstrual cup is made from 100 percent medical grade silicone and is approved by Fda. SanNap menstrual
cup is a healthier alternative to sanitary napkins, start a lifestyle shift from sanitary napkins today!! Our menstrual
cup is easy to use, hygienic and safe, economical, can be sterilized, soft rim for pain free insertion, complete user
manual included, made from 100 percent medical grade dyes and silicone. SanNap menstrual cup is a reusable menstrual cup
that collects your monthly blood flow. Inserted like a tampon, SanNap menstrual cup offers a leak, odor and sensation
free period. Join thousands of first time menstruation cup users who say they will never go back to pads and tampons.
Affordable and eco-logical. Good for you, your wallet and the planet. Save on average Rs. 4200 - Rs. 8000 per year from
pads and tampons and with a lifespan of years. You can save thousands with one single SanNap menstrual cup. 100 Percent
medical grade, FDA approved silicone. Easy to use and leak resistant. SanNap menstrual cup can be worn for up to 8-12

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