Cello Max Fresh Sling 5 Container Lunch Box With Bag,Pink

Product Description

Package Contents: 2 Pieces Container(250ml),1 Piece Container (350ml ) ,1 Piece Container (450ml), 1 Piece Container (50ml) With 1 Piece Bag

Superior quality 100 percent leak proof containers

100 percent air tight keeps food fresh for long hours

Additional pocket inside the jacket for keeping paper napkin and fork

Compact size which fits easily in briefcase, school bag and handbag

Freezer safe and dishwasher safe

Ideal for dry and semi liquid food

Keeps food fresh for long hours

Easy to clean fabric jacket

Special silicone food grade seal in lid

Imported from INDIA

Color Name:Pink

To make sure you get the highest quality & the healthiest meal, we created these boxes with healthy components for you!
Made from Hygienic Materials, the lunch box is Safe for food storage & consumption. Carrying Lunch to Office is So Easy
Now! Cello Max Fresh lunch box set comes with a bag along & has a woven belt that makes it easy to carry around wherever
you go. The container of the lunch box has four side locking lid which prevents the food from leaking out of the
container. Your food remains fresh & Crispy throughout the day, thanks to the air-tight polypropylene lids. These
containers are also microwave-safe (without lid); hence no need of chasing for a separate container to warm your food.
The container can be used to heat your food directly in the microwave (without lid).

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