• Offers led low beam, led high beams, and multi-function halo ring integrated turn signal function in white, wiring required.
  • Black housing halo can be white or amber is for turn signal white is for drl (both must be wired how you want).
  • 45w led for high beam w/projector, 30w led for low beam w/projector.
  • Fits many Jeeps and vehicles with H624 type sealed beam headlights know as 7 inch headlamps.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Plug & Play for Headlights ,Hi Lumens LED, LED H4/H13- Usually in 2 Minutes or Less. NOTE: 217 - 218 JKs with OEM LED headlights will require a headlight bracket for installation..
  • Country of Origin: China.
  • Imported from India.
AllExtreme 7-inch Round Sealed Beam Headlight is a true plug-and-play replacement lamp for your car and motorcycles with 7-inch headlight fitment. Just remove your older sealed beam headlight and pop in the new LED sealed beam lamp to enjoy its functionality as a DRL, Hi Beam Light and Low Beam Light. It is the perfect accessory to upgrade the look of your classic car or motorcycle in minutes, turning heads and emitting dazzling white light. Its high beam has an impressive 4800 Lumens bright white color for high beam and 3600 Lumens for low beam, whiter than most Xenon HID headlights. Not just for motorcycles and cars, AllExtreme 7-inch Round Sealed Beam LED Headlight is rugged enough for off road vehicles to illuminate the road and trails with its broad beam pattern and reach. Enjoy bright white light for effortless vision and safe riding over the road.

AllExtreme EX989 7 Inch 4 LED Full Ring Headlight With Dual DRL Color, DOT Approved Headlight For Royal Enfield and Jeep 97-16 Wrangler JK LJ TJ- (75 Watt, Chrome)

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