• 100% Full-value alternative to traditional ecological impacting sanitary napkins and tampons.
  • Very flexible, easy to use, environment safe and hygienic.
  • Made of high grade medical silicone which is used in the medical and food industry.
  • Optimum shape design and smooth surface for easy use and maintenance.
  • Small for women who have not given birth or women up to the age of 25. Large: for women who have given birth to a child or who are over 25 years.
  • Imported from India.
Size:Small - 1 Unit iCare menstrual cup is made of no-harm soft silicone material to provide both menstrual hygiene and convenience. The cup is quite flexible but still provides better grip around the rim to provide a leak-proof menstrual cycle. iCare menstrual cup is odour less and up to three times the quantity of regular pads and tampons. No more frequent visits to the toilet. Stay fresh throughout the day and get a restful night's sleep. It is safe, simple, modern, hygienic and economical. Since the cup is very smooth in nature, bacteria cannot stay sticky on it. The cup does not absorb any liquid and hence no changes to natural vaginal environment occur. iCare provide you the most modern intimate hygiene product and your menstrual period will be pleasant.

Plastron Women's Icare Hygienic Medical Silicone Reusable Menstrual Cup ( Pink/ Purple,HPC-200001, Small, 1 Unit)