Polar RS300X MULTI black (Color: black)


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  • Automatic or Manual target zone (% / bpm / HRR%) - helps you to set specific targets and a
  • Heart Rate - A measurement of the work your heart does, expressed as % of your maximum hea
  • GPS Features - the shock resistant and waterproof (20m) sensor will help you track your sp
  • Average Heart Rate of total exercise - A figure expressed in beats per minute (bpm) repres
  • Polar OwnCal - Counts and displays calorie expenditure. The Polar OwnCal feature shows you
  • * Power Source: Battery

    * Function:
    * Light Function: yes

    * Time Function:
    * Date
    * time
    * week and day display

    * Heart Rate Frequency Function:
    * Heart Frequency
    * Heart Frequency Zones

    * Running Function:


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