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HPRC 2400E Empty Hard Case (Blue)
HPRC 2400E Empty Hard Case (Blue)
HPRC 2400E Empty Hard Case (Blue)

HPRC 2400E Empty Hard Case (Blue)

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Product Description

ATA 300 approval


Ultralight yet strong and robust

Imported from USA

Innovative materials are designed to deliver improved protection, transport and access to your equipment. HPRC cases
utilize high performance resins that allow this case to be lighter in weight and stronger in robustness. A special mix
allows the walls of the case to be more elastic and thinner, increasing shockproof capabilities. The ultralight hard
case shell is acid proof, scratchproof and able to resist extreme weather conditions and temperature changes. Interior
dimensions 14.76" x 10.43" x 5.98" External Dimensions 15.94" x 12.99" x 6.50".