Ryders Strike R453-001 Polarized Wrap Sunglasses, Black, 55 mm

by Ryders

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  • Case Included
  • Lenses are prescription ready (Rx-able)
  • While wearing a velvet onesie, virtually every part of your body reaches maximum comfort. Throw on your typical
    sunglasses, and the comfort balance gets utterly destroyed. The STRIKE's lightweight design provides maximum comfort,
    ensuring that your velvet onesie's hard work doesn't go to waste.


    It’s a Polarized lens so it eliminates glare. It’s also a Photochromic lens, meaning it lightens and darkens
    automatically to suit the light conditions. These two lens technologies offer the greatest advantages, so we’ve packed
    them into one.

    Our PolarPhoto lenses are made using an injection process that ensures they’re optically correct, decreasing eye fatigue
    and increasing comfort. At all tint levels—from the lightest to the darkest—RYDERS PolarPhoto lenses provide protection
    against 100% UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light to 400nm.

    When exposed to sunlight, the lenses will start to darken instantly. The time they take to reach maximum darkness
    depends on a number of factors including the intensity of sunlight and air temperature. Generally speaking, the
    adjustment from light to dark is quite rapid. If sunlight intensity gradually changes, the lenses will gradually change
    with it. If the intensity suddenly drops off, the lenses will start to change instantly but the adjustment from dark to
    light is slightly slower than the rapid adjustment from light to dark.

    Where there is light there is always glare. It’s caused when light hits a surface, becomes concentrated, then reflects
    into your eyes. Polar-photo lenses eliminate glare from horizontal surfaces [roads, water, ice, snow, etc.] allowing
    details to show through, drastically reducing eye strain.

    It’s important to note that most car windshields block the UV light that’s needed for the Photochromic reaction to take
    place. For this reason, you sh


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