• Imported from USA.
    The Risco WatchOUT PIR Outdoor Motion Detector features flexible installation, weatherproof construction, and advanced false alarm immunity for reliable motion alerts in a variety of outdoor environments. The detector also offers extensive remote control and diagnostics when installed with RISCO Group's ProSYS Integrated Security System. The detector can operate as a regular relay detector connected to any control panel, or as a BUS accessory when connected to RISCO Group's ProSYS control panel via the RS485 BUS, thus having unique remote control and diagnostic capabilities. Weather-Resistant Technology for Outdoor Detection: In addition to its IP65 environment rating, this motion detector offers protective shielding for blocking out white light from the sun, allowing only IR energy to reach PIR sensors. The detector's hood also provides enhanced protection from sun, rain, snow, hail and birds. Advanced False Alarm Immunity: WatchOUT PIR incorporates Digital Correlation Technology that uses two PIR channels with interlacing detection patterns. This technology only targets objects that create a similar and correlated signal in both PIR channels, eliminating false alarms from pets, reflections and rapid temperature changes. Day/Night Capable: WatchOUT PIR has a 24 hour/night auxiliary relay that can work either 24 hours or only at night. The auxiliary relay can activate external devices (light, gate, etc.) once motion is detection. Why WatchOut Detectors? WatchOUT detectors feature exceptional installation flexibility, enabling you to provide precise coverage for the terrain to be protected. This flexibility is due to the detector's variable mounting height from 1.0m to 2.7m (3'3\" to 8'10\"), and due to the wide range of swivels available: Standard Wall Swivel, Barrier Swivel, Conduit Adaptor, and Pole Adaptor, all with anti-vandal wire protection.

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