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Product: 658673

SKL Mini LED Car Auto Oxygen Bar Freshener Smoke Air Purifier ionizer Vehicle (Blue)

Product Description

Unique way the computer USB power supply, convenient and practical

Compact, attractive, easy to carry

Negative ions can eliminate the car / indoor air of dust, smoke

No secondary pollution, environmentally safe

Small and exquisite, in fact, share and gifts

Imported from USA

Available Color:Blue/ Red

This product produces ozone and anion which can rapidly eliminate the car inside soot, peculiar smell, and have force
sterilization, purification air, make your car air as fresh as bathes in the forest.

Ozone can dispels mildew smell, smoke smell, formaldehyde, benzene and poisonous gas discharged from automobiles.

The anion is called "in the air of Vitamin", is beneficial to the health of human beings. Has the best medicine
function, and can effectively reduces the cough, sneezes, asthma's incidence of a disease.

Negative ion air purification effectively remove the air of smoke, dust, allergens, so that more fresh air;

Anion known as air vitamins, it can improve people's cardiovascular function, metabolism, reduce fatigue, keep a clear
head, and can alleviate symptoms of motion sickness.

Air as raw materials, power consumption, saving and environmental protection.


Simply pug into any automobile¡'s 12 volts cigar lighter.

The gentle built-in light feature creates a romantic atmosphere.

It is light in weight, mini in size, portable.

Product Details:

Input: +12 V

Power: 0.8 W

Ozone capacity: 3 mg/h

Ozone density: Anion density: >= 60 million/cm3

Net Weight: 55 g