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Kinesis L611 Super Tall Compact Long Lens Case 600 (w/ body pouch & shoulder strap)

Product Description

Holds a fits a 500/4, 800/5.6, 200-400/4 and some 600/4 lenses with DSLR body & hood in the shooting position. The L611 and L622 are the same height and most likely, the world's tallest shoulder-bag long lens cases.

Comes with an A257 Body Pouch & Y515 Heavy-duty Shoulder Strap attached - they are detachable too. A padded harness (H255) and a waist belt (B107, B108 etc.) can be added to the case, converting it into a backpack.

Two mesh side pockets will hold monopods, water bottles or other accessories. Lens pouches for smaller glass can be piggy-backed onto the outside of the case. Under the lid is a zippered flat pocket for lens tissue or a flat lens cap.

The exterior of the bag is constructed of rugged Dupont 500-denier Cordura® fabric (with a water-repellent coating)- we don't use cheap polyester fabrics like some imported bags).

Designed & Crafted in the USA

Imported from USA

Shipping charges are high due to the size, not weight, of long lens cases

The clam-shell opening design will make it easier to use when used vertically inside a vehicle.

The main zipper has a water-repellent zipper, but for heavy rain, a rain cover is recommended.
"Compact" long lens case because the diameter is smaller than the L622 PolyCore 600 case. It is also lighter in weight
but offers less protection.

200-400s, 400/4s and 300/2.8s get lost in this case- we strongly advise purchasing the L029 Foam Insert (which reduces
the diameter near the front element) or consider purchasing the E660 or E976 lens pouch instead.

Compatible Lenses

* Nikon or Canon 500/4 or Nikon 200-400/4 lens with a pro-sized body attached (with quick-release plate attached) with
hood in the shooting position (with leatherette lens cover or "sock" on)
* Canon 500/4 lens with a pro-sized body (with quick-release plate attached) with hood in the shooting position + 1.4x
teleconverter (2.0x is too long for this case)
* Canon 800/5.6 with a Don Zeck lens cap (instead of the bulky OEM leatherette sock) with the hood reversed + pro body +
1.4x or 2.0x teleconverter
* 300/2.8 with full-sized body attached with hood in shooting position (with leatherette lens cover) + teleconverter.


26-3/8h x 7" dia I.D.
27h x 9" dia O.D.
Weight with A257 pouch & shoulder strap: 38.5 oz.

67h x 17.8cm dia I.D.
71h x 23cm dia O.D.
Weight with A257 pouch & shoulder strap: 1090 g

The I.D. diameter or "dia" is the maximum diameter of the front element and/or lens cover that will fit inside this

Kinesis SKU # L611