ASUS P2E 350-lumen 1280 x 800 HDMI/MHL mini VGA Remote control Short-Throw Ultra-light Portable LED Projector


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  • 350 lumens-rated long-life LED light source for HD 1280 x 800 visuals
  • Quick setup with instant on/off capability and auto keystone correction
  • Short throw projection for 42-inch images from just 1 meter
  • Built-in HDMI/MHL, mini VGA, earphone out, and speaker
  • Compact and mobile design fits easily into any briefcase
  • Throw ratio : 1:1
  • P2E Portable Projector
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    The Perfect Sidekick to Your Presentation

    Designed to complement business presentations or for portable entertainment, the ASUS P2E mobile projector features a
    bright and durable LED projection system, the perfect companion for on-the-go presentations.

    Bright, Crisp Projections

    Operating at a brightness of 350 ANSI lumens, the P2E delivers professional-grade projections with outstanding color
    clarity and detail. DLP projection technology ensures sharp images and clear text so your media can be displayed the way
    it was meant to be. Projecting at a display resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, the P2E allows high definition media,
    precisely matching what you see on your notebook or PC. What’s more, the P2E projector is powered by a mercury-free LED
    lamp, rated at 30,000 hours lifespan, for incredible longevity.

    Dynamic Control

    Projectors have never been easier to operate. The P2E features an intuitive 12-button grid control, allowing quick
    access to the various functions available. Additionally, the P2E comes with a remote with the exact button layout so you
    can control presentation slide shows, or even MHL compatible devices at a distance. The remote is rounded out with a
    laser pointer so you can direct the attention of your audience without having to carry more than just the remote.

    Short Throw Ratio

    Short Throw Lens

    The P2E projector features a short throw ratio of 1:1:1, resulting in 42” projections when placed at just 1 meter away
    from the screen, scaling further to 120” projections at 3 meters.

    5 Seconds On/Instant Off

    5 Seconds On and Instant Off

    With LED technology, the P2E projector does not require warm-up time and are ready to present in as little as 5 seconds
    from pressing the on button. Similarly, the LED does not build up intense heat like standard projectors and can power
    down immediately, so you don’t have to wait for your projector after your presentation.

    Instant Height Adjustment

    Instant Height Adjustment

    The ASUS P2E features a 2-tier height adjustment stand for near-instantaneous adjustment to best fit the projection
    requirements of your projection environment.

    Automatic Keystone Adjustment

    Automatic Keystone Correction

    Ensuring perfect projections, the P2E detects its orientation and corrects distortion from angle of projection
    on-the-fly for the best visual experience.

    P2E Ports
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    Robust Connectivity

    Featuring multiple connection options, the P2E projector provides maximum compatibility with various devices. Easily
    connect to PCs, notebooks, mobile devices, or other multimedia sources via HDMI/MHL or miniVGA. The P2E can also read a
    vast array of major media formats directly from storage via a built-in microSD card reader and USB 2.0 for PC-free

    P2E Comes with Carrying Bag
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    Enhanced Portability

    The ultra-slim and compact P2E weighs in at less than 1.5 lbs (656g) with dimensions similar to a typical CD case,
    easily fitting in a backpack or briefcase, maximizing portability.