Wizcom Oxford Edition ReadingPen 2

by Oxford®

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Product ID: 659923


  • Scan and read word pronunciation to increase comprehension using Concise Oxford Dictionary.
  • Scans single words or full lines of text.
  • Displays selected word in large font to enable easier, clearer viewing.
  • Displays definitions, synonyms and translations of the scanned text on the LCD screen.
  • Audio word pronunciation with text-to-speech (TTS) technology using built-in speaker or earphones.
  • - Spells out scanned words, highlighting individual letters.

    - Displays syllabic division of selected word or phrasal verb (most products).

    - Comprehensive translation that extends beyond the simple, most frequently used meaning of the word.

    - Direct look-up of idioms/phrases.

    - History option enabling review of the last 80 looked up words.

    - Recognition of a wide range of printed font types and sizes (6-22 points - up to 8mm), including inverted text on
    contrasting backgrounds (except red on white, white on red, blue on black and black on blue).

    - Recognition and automatic merging of hyphenated text.

    - Two display modes: Toggle between abridged and complete definition/translation display.

    - Easy to use buttons and straightforward menus.

    - Right/left handed support

    - Auto shut-off feature to preserve battery life.


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