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R/T Dual 12-Inch Nissan Titan Crew/King Cab 04 -12 Sealed Speaker Enclosure -Downfire

Product Description

46" width x 16" deep x 7" tall

Holds dual 12" sub woofers (Downfire) speaker mounting depth 5 1/8"

Solid 5/8" material with "Tri-lock" joint construction

Sealed Enclosure

Designed to fit: Nissan Titan Crew and King Cabs '04 - current - Bench Seat Only (no 60/40 Split)

Imported from USA

Sealed subwoofer boxes tend to be much smaller than ported enclosures, since they use the air inside the box as a
"spring" for the enclosure. If you do not have much space, it would be a good idea to go with a sealed box. Not only is
there a size difference, but there is also a difference in sound compared to a ported box. Generally, the larger the
box, the lower the tone of the bass achieved. However if the box gets too large, the "spring" effect that the air
creates may be lost, losing loudness and crispness. Sealed enclosures produce tight, accurate bass and have a flat
frequency response curve. They are the enclosure of choice when quality is the ultimate goal of the system set up.