2) VM Audio EXS692M 6x9" 400 Watt 2 Way Waterproof Marine Boat Speakers Pair

by Elux

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Product ID: 660343


  • 2-Way Coaxial Dynamic Driver Design
  • Propulsion Drive Flux-Cycle Motor System
  • Wide-Angle Sound Dispersion Diaphragm
  • Image Enhancing Wave Array Grill
  • Complete Marine Weather Protection Components
  • VM Audio Elux VM-EXS692M Series 6"x 9" Full Range Marine Speaker Your lifestyle isn't confined to the indoors and you
    need audio equipment like the VM Audio Elux series 6 x 9" Marine Speakers to enhance your boat trips with your favorite
    music and movies. Built with rugged UV light and saltwater-resistant materials, a sleek design and the commitment to
    audio purity that defines all of VM Audio's products, the EXS692M speaker pair is designed to pierce through the noise
    of the wind and withstand any beating your boat can dish out. Whether you need to kick out the jams while you're
    blasting over the waves or just relax and enjoy a romantic dinner out on your boat, the Elux series 6.5" full range
    marine speakers have the durability to resist the harshest conditions and the precise construction to provide
    outstanding audio clarity. BREAK THROUGH THE ELEMENTS What's the point of having marine speakers in your boat if you
    can't even hear them? With an ultra-rare high-frequency PEI driver, the EXS692M marine speakers are engineered
    specifically to cut through the noise of wind and water. PASSION FOR PURITY All VM Audio products are designed to
    produce the best possible sound and the EXS692M is no exception. With a 2-way coaxial driver you get a full range of
    sound and the KSV voice coil with a neodymium magnet provide the strength and purity that you need for excellent sound.
    RUGGED AND STYLISH The EXS652M features a wave array grill that gives it a sleek, almost futuristic appeal. The matte
    finish delivers a rugged exterior that won't show water spots. 1-YEAR WARRANTY We stand by our products and our
    engineers which is why we can confidently offer a 1-year warranty on the EXS692M speaker pair. Stop worrying about
    whether or not your speakers are going to last and start enjoying the freedom of VM Audio.


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