Praying Hands - Super Resolution Gobo

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Product Description

Super Resolution Gobo - Praying Hands Black & white glass gobos project detailed photos, images or logos with a gray
scale. A black & white glass gobo is designed for maximum temperature tolerance and longer life than a metal gobo in
higher wattage ellipsoidal and intelligent lights. Black & white patterns feature our SuperResolution 20,000 dpi
process.No "bridging" of the image is required with glass patterns. Apollo glass gobos are made from high quality 1.1mm
thick borosilicate glass. Donuts are recommended for use with B&W glass patterns. This allows for a sharper image by
blocking out unwanted light. Glass gobos are not recommended for use in these fixtures; Altman 360Q, Altman 3.5, and
Colortran 5-50. Black & white standard and custom gobos are designed to work best in metal pattern holders.