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Rosco Cinegel N.9, 20" x 24" 0.6 Three Stop Neutral Density Lighting Filter

Product Description

Rosco Cinegel N.9, 20x24" 0.6 Three Stop Neutral Density Lighting Filter

Imported from USA

Reduces light intensity three stops. Extra wide 57in. Optically clear. (Trans.= 12%, -3.0s).Sun 85 & Neutral Density
Filters are usually applied to windows for color correction and/or light intensity reduction. RoscoSun 85 is an amber
filter that lowers the color temperature of daylight to balance with 3200°K sources. Rosco Neutral Density Filters
reduce the level of exterior light and bring it within the exposure range of interior light levels. Two additional
RoscoSun materials combine Sun 85 conversion with Neutral Density reduction. All materials are deep-dyed for optical
clarity. Except as noted, all materials are extra wide 57" x 21' (145 cm x 6.7 m), sheets 20" x 24" (50 cm x 61 cm).