ePhoto VL9004BS2 2400 Watt Digital Video Continuous Lighting Stand Kit with Carrying Case with 2 Light and 1 Boom Stands, 12 total 45W 5500K Bulbs, 2 16x24-Inches and 1 16x16-Inch Softboxes

by Ephoto

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  • Ideal for portraits, studio, video, photography
  • 2400 watts light output 5500K temp
  • 2 Dimmer switches per each light head
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Case included for storage
  • Photographers, videographers, major Hollywood studios and television facilities, all use "cool" lighting. Now you too
    can have the latest and greatest in lighting. Fluorescent lamps are the most cost-effective and efficient form of studio
    lighting. Running costs are about 90% less than conventional tungsten lighting, due to the low energy consumption, very
    low heat output and a reduced air conditioning requirement. 2 x 6.5ft Light Stands; 1 x Support Boom Stand; 12 x 45 Watt
    5500K CFL Light bulbs; 1 x 2 Section Boom ARM (1) Grip Head (1) Sandbag, one (1) Carrying Case; 2 x 16"x24" Softbox; 1 x
    16" x 16" softbox for the Boom stand; 3 x 4 light head with 2 dimmer switch in the back; 1 x Carrying Case


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