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Electronics > Product: 663242

Galaxy Cricket Polarity Test Set

Product Description

Checks continuity and polarity

1/4" TRS and XLR in/out

Tests speakers, mics, cables and wireless systems

Tests mixers and signal processors for polarity inversions

Internal speaker for testing mic polarity

Imported from USA

Polarity. It's not something you spend much time thinking about, but if it's off in your system, it causes all kinds of
problems. Galaxy Audio's Cricket Polarity Test Set lets you check everything from wireless microphones, mixers, effects
devices, amps, cables, and speakers, making sure everything's jiving together. But let's not confuse polarity with
phase. When phase is inverted, it's possible to have only a partial signal being cancelled out. However, with polarity
issues - no matter what distance or time relationship - the certain frequencies will just disappear. Polarity is either
in or out - there is no middle ground.