CELLFIE - Samsung Galaxy s4 CrossBody Phone Case Purse with 48" Gold Chain and Rear Grip Strap (Soft Pink)

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Product Description

As Seen On The TODAY Show! by Frozen Ocean Supply Co.

#CELLFIE, Samsung Galaxy s4 Cross Body Case

48 Inch, Faux Gold Over Set Link Chain (Removable)

Faux Gold Rivet Back Strap For Large Phone Ease Of Use! (Removable)

Case Is Made From High Quality Anti-Rip Silicone

The #CELLFIE Silicone Wearable s4 case fits your smart phone perfect with a gold metal 48 inch gold chain For those who
constantly lose track of their phone (ahem), Frozen Ocean Supply Company's clever phone cases come complete with
functional crossbody chains. The open-faced design gives you immediate access to your screen so you can respond to texts
and send emails without having to unhook, and you can slip your fingers through the strap on the back, providing a
better grip when snapping pictures. The silicon cases are available for both iPhone and Android in a variety of colors