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Product Description

Equipped with vacuum adapter for clean and dustr free work space

Quick tension release lever for frequent inside cuts

Comes with 5 coarse and 5 fine saw blades

Imported from USA

Clean, accurate cuts without the need for finishing. This is the perfect machine for tool and die making, model
building, toy repairs, puzzle sawing, architectural work, antique restoration, etc. It operates problem free, even when
cutting acrylics, fiberglass, polystyrene foams, rubber, leather and cork.The unit offers a super cutting capacity wood
1 1/2 Inch, plastics 1 3/16 Inch, non ferrous metals 25/64 Inch and yet runs with only a hum. The air blower with
adjustable nozzle provides clear visibility of work piece and cutting line. The units machine base of cast iron offers
the needed stability for vibration free operation. The sturdy aluminum die cast table tilts up to 45-Degrees, allowing a
lot of special effects like incised lettering, sawing chamfers, inlays and marquetry. The twin cast iron saw over arm
with ball bearing direct drive is equipped with a practical handle for quick and easy adjustment of the blade tension.
Standard commercially available pin blades can be rapidly fitted and stored in the special compartment on the side of
the machine. As well the clamping jaws also allow the use of plain end blades, which are as well easily tightened with
the included T Allen key. The machine comes complete with 5 each coarse and fine saw blades. 1. Ideal especially for all
internal cuts impossible with band saws and circular saws. The DSH is fitted with a vacuum cleaner or dust extractor