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Yugioh 5D's Japanese Yusei Fudo DX Ver. Duel Disk Set w/Starlight Road

Product Description

4 brand new, Ultra Rare Promo Cards

10 Japanese 5D's Booster Packs

100 Official Yugioh 5D's Sleeves

Imported from USA

Well worth the wait, Once a year Konami creates a very special Duel Disk Box Set and Here it is!! The Yusei Fudo DX
Version Duel Disk could be the years' best product. Limited in numbers due to their size and cost but after opening up
the hood of the box you'll find it to be very rewarding.
Collector's and Duelist alike can find the following in each DX Version of the Duel Disk:
(1) Yusei Fudo Version Duel Disk
(10) Assorted Booster Packs (x1 ABPF, x3 YUSEI DP2, x3 SOVR, x3 ANPR)
(100) Blue Crimson Dragon Sleeves
(4) Ultra Rare Promo Cards (DDY2-JP001 - DDY2-JP004)
The Duel Disk itself has become highly desirable since the Japanese version is battery operated and lights up! Monster
Fields also feature Pop-Up Action! Whether or not cards fit in their sleeves we do not know at this time.

Beyond the Duel Disk itself, this box set gets you started with 10 bonus Booster Packs from the most recent Yugioh
Expansions, a pack of Exclusive Crimson Dragon Sleeves that cannot be bought anywhere else! And of course every year the
special promo cards that truly make this set irreplaceable... The 4th card in the set [ Starlight Road ] takes the show
negating an opponent's effect that destroys 2 or more cards on your side of the field, then allowing you to Special
Summon a [ Stardust Dragon ] from your Extra Deck. WoW! talk about Broken