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Country Home Square Slate Coasters by Twine - (Set of 4)

Product Description

NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL COASTERS - A slightly rough touch and a cold heft fit perfectly with the gray elegance of these slate coasters

MATCHING SET OF 4 COASTERS- Perfect for intimate gatherings, this set contains four stone coasters. Of course, you could buy a few more sets if you're expecting company.

SOFT VELVET BACKING - Soft is not a term most associate with slate coasters. That's why these are bonded to smooth velvet to protect your tabletops and surfaces.

A THIRSTY ROCK - Slate sucks up excess moisture, making it a natural absorbent drink coaster choice for cool beverages that sweat on hot days.

A PERFECT GIFT IDEA - Give a coaster set as a hostess present or housewarming gift, and you allow the recipient to easily serve drinks.

Imported from USA

The reassuring hardness of glass lightly touching down on stone, the cool ring of moisture left on slate as your drink
effortlessly rises to quench your thirst: these are as much a part of the experience of enjoying a relaxing moment as
anything else. It's true that drink coasters are merely one part of the whole that includes great company and uplifting
beverages. However, any experienced host or hostess knows that it's the details that sometimes matter most. This set of
four 4"x4" coasters gives you the stylish landing you need to rest anything from a glass of wine to a frosty mug of
beer, and it's this same versatility that makes them an excellent gift. Finding the best coasters for drinks is about
more than style. There's practical necessity to coasters as well. Anyone who's ever had a plastic coaster hitch a ride
on the bottom of a glass knows the frustration of a wet lap full of condensation and the shortcomings of some coasters.
Slate has that rare combination of elegance and functionality. These coasters are beautiful, with natural-cut edges and
deep, muted neutral tones that complement nearly any decor. They're also beneficiaries of some of the useful material
properties of slate. Heft, of course, prevents the coaster from traveling where it isn't wanted. There's also a
figurative weight: These coasters lend as much gravitas to a crystal glass of scotch as they give stony authenticity to
a draught of beer. The stone also absorbs significant moisture, allowing summer drinks to sweat excessively before the
water pools out onto your surfaces. These coasters further protect your tables or countertops with a smooth layer of
velvet backing.