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Product: 667867

Buck Brannaman ; The Making Of A Bridle Horse Part 1-3 : The Complete 3 DVD Set

Product Description

Imported from USA

The Making Of A Bridle Horse Part 1-3

In the tradition of fine horsemanship, Buck Brannaman presents his video series, The Making Of A Bridle Horse. For the
first time, the traditional four-step technique is completely explained and demonstrated in Buck's easy going, visual
style in this four part, three video series.

Part 1 ; The Snaffle Bit
The Snaffle Bit starts from the first ride. You will learn the ways of the snaffle and the "soft feel" while applying
them to the walk, trot and lope. Buck will even help you with your roping. This tape is a must for any riding

Part 2 ; The Hackamore
The Hackamore takes you and your horse on to the next step in your schooling. You'll learn how to use the horsehair
mecate and move your horse through all the gates in the elegant, braided hackamore (bosal) working towards a total
communication with the lightest commands.

Part 3 ; The Two Rein & The Bridle
The Two Rein & The Bridle is the final in this three part series featuring Buck and the process of taking you and your
horse through the next two steps - into the two-rein and ultimately into the bridle. Stress is placed on the proper gear
as one progresses on. From bits to tying the bosalita, Buck shows you step-by-step, the ways to classic vaquero
horsemanship. A true one-of-a-kind classic.

Brannaman is popular with horse lovers of all ages. His students come form all walks of life and performance disciplines
- from Olympic riders to teenagers with backyard ponies, and they range in age from 8 to 80. One clinic participant in
ten is a child and, usually, seven in ten are there for a second, third or fourth time around. An instructor of children
who's been to more than 35 clinics in the past 6 years said, "Whether Buck's riding or working with a horse on the
ground, there's always new information. I never miss the chance to see him work because he always leaves me with
something valuable to pass along. My kids just eat this stuff up, because it works."