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Product: 669216

K9 Shower - Rinse Your Dog Anywhere!

Product Description

A clean dog on the go or at home! The compact and watertight design of the K9 Shower makes it suitable for transporting in the car to rinse off your dog after outings, or it can be used outside your home to clean off muddy paws and more.

The K9 Shower helps to keep your house and car clean (by keeping your dog clean!). Plus, because dogs prefer being rinsed with warm water instead of the cold hose, it makes them more likely to hold still for you. It also helps to feed a few treats during the process to reward good behavior!

The K9 Shower is perfect for cooling off agility or flyball dogs! Fill with cool water and you can even add some ice cubes if you need the cool temperature to last a while.

Plenty of water capacity and water pressure to rinse off a dirty dog of any size! The 2.2 gallon tank holds enough water to rinse even a large dog, and as long as the tank is elevated higher than the shower head, the water pressure is enough to be able to point the shower head directly up to clean the underside of the dog.

Pet Expertise note: The K9 Shower is great for rinsing your dog off and preventing him or her from tracking dirt into your home or car, however, we do not recommend it for use with dog shampoo on thick-coated dogs since the water pressure may not be strong enough to thoroughly rinse the shampoo out. However, in our testing it worked great for bathing a short-coated dog (Chihuahua mix). If you do run out of water while rinsing a large dog, you can always refill it for additional rinsing if needed.

Imported from USA

The K9 Shower is an effective and easy solution to a common problem: Cleaning your dirty dog before putting him in the
car or taking him into the house.

Using The K9 Shower:
Fill the K9 Shower tank with warm water from your kitchen sink.
Position the K9 Shower at least 4 feet off the ground. To use it on the go, you can hang it on any car window by
lowering the car window about an inch or more and resting the shower on the open window with the integrated hooks. If
you are at home, you can place it on a deck railing or use the mounting bracket to mount it to the side of a convenient
Unwrap the 6 feet of hose, slide the shower head into the "on" position and water will flow under gravity pressure. You
can control the flow of water with only one hand by switching the shower head "on" or "off".
Rinse the mud, sand or dirt off your dog and then towel dry.
Feed your cooperative dog a treat!
Specifications: Holds 2.2 gallons of water. Uses warm or cold water from any sink, Includes a 6 foot hose with shower
sprayer. Hooks are included to allow you to hang it on your car door. Can be mounted on a wall outside your home with
the included mounting bracket. Built-in handle makes it easy to carry. Watertight for travel. Made in the USA!