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Adorama Gaffer Tape 8 Yards x 1"- Black

Product Description

Micro Gaffer Tape

Roll Size: 1" x 8yds

Color: Black

Convenient size, easy to carry

Imported from USA

This is professional, high-quality gaffer tape in a much more convenient form. Ahhh, gaffer tape (or is it "gaffa tape",
"gaff tape", or any number of other terms?) Whatever you call it, it's possibly the most useful piece of gear on a stage
or set, whether large or small. And hoo boy, is it convenient: So light! So compact! So pocketable! (wait, are we still
talking about gaffer tape?) As a matter of fact, we are. Presenting a new product from Visual Departures: microGAFFER
tape. microGAFFER is identical to professional gaffer tape in all ways except the problematic ones: size and weight. Use
it anywhere you'd use standard-size gaffer's tape: secure cabling and other equipment, make minor repairs, block out
staging, label control boards, and more. It tears off easily and leaves almost no residue, just like gaffer's tape
(because that's what it is.) The difference is, it's so compact, you can buy several rolls and keep them wherever you
need them. Keep one in your car's glove compartment; one in your backpack; one in your SLR camera bag (and each of your
other gear bags); you can even keep one in your pocket. Now, when you find a problem on the set or location, your
solution will be within arm's reach to solve the problem and move on.