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Electronics > Electronics Features > Product: 669989

Logisys Corp. 12VDC 4-Channel 2 Latch, 2 Momentary Remote Control (RM09)

Product Description

Functionality: wirelessly controls output of 12VDC on four individual channels (two - latch mode, two - momentary mode)

Remote key fob: high quality 4 button remote control with sliding cover and metal hook for keychain.

Key fob battery: 27A 12V DC battery included (battery can be replaced by unscrewing key fob cover)

Applications: Security Systems, Electronic Anchor, Boat Applications, Remote Gates, Light Controls, Window Curtain Automation, 12VDC Motors, Remote Blinds, Garage Doors, Irrigation Pumps, Sprinklers, PC Molding, Traffic Signals etc.

Imported from USA

RM09 is a 12VDC remote control relay switch with four (4) power outputs, two (2) of them are latch mode and the other
two (2) are momentary mode. RM09 is suitable on/off remote relay switch can be used in conjunction with any 12VDC
applications such as lighting, landscaping, automobile or PC molding etc. RM09 is water proof, weather resistant and
shock resistant. It is good for outdoor use.