HQRP 13.8W 225 LED Red Spectrum Hydroponic Plant Grow Light Panel / Lamp + UV Meter

by Hqrp

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  • HQRP® LED Plant Grow Panel Lamp System plus HQRP® UV Chain / UV Health Meter;
  • 225 LED's; 225 Red LED lights (630 nm wavelength);
  • Material/Dimensions: Thermoplastic body, Die-cast Chrome Circuitry board; 12.2" (30.5cm) square panel: 1.25" (3.175 cm) thickness, Power Chord length: 48";
  • Electrical Consumption: 14 Watt Power, Working Voltage: 110V to 220V;
  • 200 Days Warranty.
  • The HQRP Plant Grow Panel Lamp System is the perfect tool in growing plants to maximum health and full potential. This
    LED light technology has been scientifically proven as a crucial tool in providing plants with essential elements and
    enhancing the photosynthesis process. The Red LED lights (630 nanometers) cause large absorption of nutrients by
    chlorophyll, most critically influencing the photosynthesis process, which in turn promotes budding and flowering. The
    positive influence of this state of the art LED technology profoundly increases the health, vitality and growth
    potential in plants of all types.

    The HQRP Plant Grow Panel Lamp System is made up of 225 bright Red LED lights at 14 Watts. These Die-cast Chrome LED's
    are enclosed in a sleek yet durable thermoplastic body built to last. This product is a must have for any garden,
    amateur or professional, and is perfect for use in hydroponics or any other growing methods.

    LEDs: 225 Red psc

    Spectrum: 630nm: optimal spectrum for plant flowering and fruiting;

    No infrared rays or ultraviolet radiation to destroy plants. Minimal heat;

    Electrical Consumption: 14 Watt Power;

    Working Voltage: 110V to 220V;

    Lumen: 1620 Lux;

    Dimension: 12,2"x12,2"x1.45";

    Best distance to plant: 4030 (inch2)/40(inch);

    Metal, reliable hanging kit for easy set up;

    Perfect for indoor growing.

    HQRP UV Meter: This meter shows you the level of UV and helps you protect your eyes and skin from negative sunlight
    effect. The color of the meter changes from very light purple to dark purple depending on the intensity of the UV
    lighting. The darker the purple color is, the more intense is the UV lighing.


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