XBOX 360 Repair Kit - 3 Red Light Fix - X-Clamp Replacement - Complete Kit - Arctic Silver 5, GPU CPU Shims, DVD Drive Belt, DVD Drive Pads, Extra Strong Powdercoated Open Tool, RAM Pads, Southbridge Xclamp Fix

by Xbrdepot

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  • Just Launched on Amazon! Expertly designed, and tested to be fast, and effective. We've collected feedback from hundreds of customers to make the best kit yet.
  • Best hardware kit - Screws feature extra low-profile head to reduce flex, and stress on your XBOX. The highest success rate of any screw/washer set.
  • Easy repair process: Fixes Most XBOX errors. 3 red lights, GPU malfunction, freezing, overheating, no video/audio.
  • BONUS: Southbridge X-clamp fix. Cure E73 and E74 and many other resistant XBOXs. GPU and CPU shims protect your processors for damage/cracking and ensure equal pressure for greater repair success.
  • Optionally install our DVD drive pads to prevent scratched and damaged disks for good. Replacement DVD drive belt to repair stuck or slipping DVD drives.
  • Is your XBOX down? We sell the best, most complete and highly researched repair kits ever developed! Our kits result in
    the highest possible success rates. Designed for everyone! You do not need any special skills or knowledge. Our process
    is not complicated. The inexperienced will breeze through our 10-step process, it is easy and simple to fix '3 red light
    of death' errors. Our refined manual will show you everything you need to know step-by-step. Get this X-clamp
    replacement kit today to get your XBOX 360 back from the dead in no time!

    Arctic Silver 5 3.5mg - Highest cooling performance.
    8 extra low-profile custom-made machine screws, and 32 washers
    Southbrigde X-Clamp fix
    Torx T8 and T10 screwdrivers
    CPU Cleaner - Most powerful and effective on the market
    CPU Purifier
    Powder-coated special open tool - Hardened
    4 DVD drive pads - Protect disks from scratching
    4 XBOX RAM pads
    DVD drive belt
    GPU shim and CPU shim
    E-manual and repair support


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