FashionBoutique wash bags set - TWO Big Washing-clothes Bags + ONE Bra Wash Bag

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  • Durable, zip closure mesh bag lets soap and water flow easily for optimal cleaning
  • ONE large Wash-clothes bag: 19.68"(W)x23.62"(L)
  • ONE Medium Wash-clothes bag: 15.74"(W)x19.68"(L)
  • ONE Bra Wash Bag: 5.5-Inch H by 7.48-Inch W
  • Protect delicates from snags, tangles, and tears while machine washing and drying
  • You won't want to wash your clothes without the protection of this FashionBoutique brand wash bag set.

    Two different sizes big wash-clothes bags can protect bras, panties, hosiery and all small items from snags, tangles and
    tears while machine washing and drying.Durable, fine mesh bag lets soap and water flow through easily for optimal
    cleansing. Zip closure keeps delicates securely in bag.

    Additional Bra Wash bag removes the greatest danger to bras in the wash: tangles.The round structure also helps cups
    maintain their shape over time, extending the life of your undergarments.


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