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Product: 670748

New Floodstop Washing Machine Valve Shutoff Kit FS3/4H-90 v4 (Lead free)

Product Description

Each FloodStop valve is screwed onto the hot and cold water hose bibs

Water/leak sensor is placed on the floor behind Washing Machine

Valves stay open until water loss is detected

Water on sensor immediately closes FloodStop valves and sounds alarm

Certified lead free under S. 3874, AB1953

Imported from USA

Prevent flood damage and avoid costly repairs with the easy-to-install, newly designed Lead free Washing Machine Valve
Shutoff Kit (90 deg Valves). This system not only detects leaks early, but it automatically shuts your water off in the
event of a leak, alerting you with the control panel's alarm. Designed for both residential and commercial dwellings,
the Washing Machine Valve Shutoff Kit uses a pair of automatic 3/4-inch full port motorized ball valves to shut off the
water supply whenever your washing machine leaks. The non-intrusive devices can be installed in as little as 10 minutes;
no professional plumbers are required. This kit includes everything you need to protect your property from costly
water-leak damage: valves installed on your hot and cold water inlets, a water sensor to be placed on the floor, and the
control unit, which is mounted to your wall with the included screws. A power supply is included; you need to also
install four AA batteries (not included) for backup power, unit will beep to alert you of low or no batteries. The
controller has "one" output contact (normally open) that can be attached to a dialer or security system so you can be
alerted to a leak when not home! You can even add multiple water sensors for different areas around your washing
machine. If your washing machine should begin to leak, the controller tells the water valves to close and alerts you
with an 87db alarm.