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Miracle LED 605023 Bug Lite Bulb, White

Product Description

50-Watt equivalent bulb uses 2-Watt of power

Bug repellant yellow deters flying insects

Produces virtually NO HEAT does not attract spiders and moths attracted to heat

Lasts up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs

Not manufactured with hazardous materials

Imported from USA

"We get asked, “Why Make the MiracleLED Bug Light?” The answer is simple...Old typical light bulbs used in indoor and
outdoor fixtures alike emit white light, which is naturally attractive to insects. Beware of bulbs that are just covered
yellow plastic white light bulbs, MiracleLED’s special bug light spectrum is generated by the LED itself. It shines in a
mellow-yellow color that’s invisible to insects. They are great for porch lights, especially those placed close to
doorways, to avoid insects flying into your home when people enter and exit. They’re also an excellent addition to any
driveway lanterns and other outdoor lighting, such as around pools or decks, to make evening entertaining more pleasant.
The 3W Energy Saver Bug Light has a beautiful amber glow that light areas securely and effectively without attracting
biting bugs. It does this by giving off virtually no heat over ambient and since it also doesn’t emit any UV, even
spiders and moths are not attracted. Looks great in Coach Lights, Outdoor Wall Lights, and recessed fixtures. When used
outdoors and protected from the weather with an enclosed fixture like a sconce or shade, they will provide long lasting
lighting without swarms of bugs. With our MiracleLED Bug Light bulbs, we set out to make your outdoor living space more
comfortable year-round. These bulbs are direct replacements for traditional incandescent 50 watt light bulbs, providing
the same brightness while using only 3 watts of energy! Reduce your electricity bill and start saving money immediately.
Save up to $50 a year in energy cost by replacing 1 Bulb! MiracleLED offers a 1 Year Limited Warranty with our bug
lights to ensure you’re fully satisfied with the product. Order yours today so you can spend the rest of the summer
enjoying the outdoors - day and night!"