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Camp Chef, Sante Series Turkey Cannon Infusion roaster indoor/outdoor TKYC

Product Description

Beer-can-style turkey-roasting accessory

Steams and moistens roasted turkey with mix of beer and sauce flavoring

Designed for outdoor grills and conventional ovens

Sturdy stainless steel construction for stability and easy cleaning

Built-in side forks keep the bird from spinning

Imported from USA

The Turkey Cannon is a unique Turkey roasting system for outdoor barbecues and indoor conventional ovens. This versatile
accessory allows you to roast fantastic beer can turkey on your standard outdoor barbecue grill or indoors in your oven.
Pop open a can of your favorite beverage, pour the liquid into the roasting arm and place the poultry over the top Close
the lid on your barbeque grill and let them roast. The Turkey Cannon is fast and easy. The beverage adds flavor and
moisture to the poultry creating succulent flavor that will have you coming back for more.