WakaWaka Solar Lamp

by Off Grid Solutions

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  • Solar lamp provides 16 hours of bright, reading light on a full charge
  • Patented technology ensures 2:1 use time vs. charge time
  • 5 different light modes, including SOS beacon; weighs only 7 ounces
  • Water-resistant construction; WakaWaka has a Rechargeable 800 mAh NiMh battery (included)
  • Measures 4.8 by 4 by 0.8 inches
  • WakaWaka Solar LampSolar lamp comes in two colors--gray or yellow. view larger

    WakaWaka Solar Lamp

    Sleek and convenient, the WakaWaka solar lamp provides a full night of bright, usable light after only eight hours of
    charging in the sun. Use the revolutionary light for emergencies, the truck, the survival kit, camping trips, and the
    cabin. If the power ever goes out, the reliable WakaWaka solar lamp will be there to light the way.

    Consider Getting More Than One

    * Affordable--everyone in the family should have one
    * One for the emergency kit in the house; one for the car
    * Two lights are great for work bench setups
    * When camping everyone needs their own light
    * Kids and pets love the nite-light feature

    WakaWaka Solar LampWater-resistant construction designed to withstand extreme environments. WakaWaka Solar Lamp Use
    the solar light for home emergency kits, the truck, or camping. view larger The WakaWaka light features patented
    solar-management technology that delivers 16 hours of safe, powerful light on a full charge. In addition to being
    exceptionally efficient, its water-resistant construction is designed to withstand the most extreme environments.

    5 Different Light Modes

    * 200% brightness (120 lumen) super bright torch mode
    * 100% brightness (60 lumen) bright ambient light
    * 50% brightness (30 lumen) bright reading light
    * 10% brightness (6 lumen) night safety light SOS emergency beacon
    * SOS Beacon

    On a Full Battery (less than 1 day charge) WakaWaka Provides:

    * 8 hours of bright ambient light
    * 16 hours of bright reading light
    * 80 hours of soft night safety light