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X-ACTO SchoolPro Replacement Cutter Carrier, Silver

Product Description

Replacement cutter carrier and drive brings improved performance to old sharpeners

NOTE: Cutter carrier designed for reliability in heavy-use environments

Set includes carrier assembly, gear rack, and carrier drive gear

Compatible with X-ACTO SchoolPro models 1670, 1671, 1672, 1677, and 1678

Imported from USA

Bring new life to your SchoolPro pencil sharpener with the X-ACTO SchoolPro Replacement Cutter Carrier. This repair part
includes the cutter carrier assembly, carrier drive gear, and gear rack to restore used electric sharpeners to their
normal efficient and precise performance. Built with rugged construction for heavy use, the reliable hardened helical
cutter features carbon and steel blades to precisely and easily sharpen pencils to fine point tips. For use in X-ACTO
SchoolPro electric pencil sharpener models 1670, 1671, 1672, 1677, and 1678, this replacement part gives workhorse
sharpeners a fresh start.