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Laura Soybeans by SoyaJoy- 5 Lbs New Crop Non-gmo From Iowa for Best Soy Milk

Product Description

The only soybean on Amazon that is guaranteed to be new crop (less than one year old) for best nutrition and taste

Best soybean for making tofu and soy milk. Exporting to tofu shops in Japan since 1987

5 lbs net weight. Vegan-endorsed, Non-GMO soybean. From the Chambers family farm in Iowa

In moisture & light proof, airtight black foil package for even more freshness

Best for use for homemade soy milk with any soy milk maker, such as the SoyaJoy G4

Imported from USA

This is the same soybean as the free sample soybean shipped with the SoyaJoy and SoyaPower soy milk makers. The Laura
soy bean is specifically selected for making fresh soy milk. The Non-GMO soybean is Vegan-endorsed, new crop directly
from Iowa family farm. The #1 secret for making great tasting soy milk at your own kitchen is to use new crop soybean.
Imported organic soybeans or beans through long distribution channels can be years old and lost significant nutrition
and taste. Soybeans can store for up to 10 years, which are still OK for use as feed or making oil, but not good for soy
milk! You will find that new crop soybean makes a huge difference in taste and nutrition for homemade soy milk.

Please note that due to the fact that we can't resale returned food products, we will not accept returns and issue
refund for this product.