Stack-N-Stor 40 by Bergan

by Bergan

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  • Storing your pets¡¯ food shouldn¡¯t be a mess and you shouldn't have to worry about it when you're out doing the things you love to do.
  • Looking for a great storage unit? Our Stack-N-Stor's can handle the job! Multi-use stackable storage units are great for
    storing and organizing not only pet food, but any other material, as well. The Stack-N-Stor units are a sleek and
    compact alternative with the ability to be stacked confidently on top of each other. Each unit accepts a lock to help
    keep loved (and un-loved) critters out. This product comes in three different sizes to suit your storage needs.

    Sizes Available:

    * Stack-N-Stor 40 (27-29 lbs of food) ¨C 15.25¡± x 15¡± x 12.5¡±
    * Stack-N-Stor 65 (54-59 lbs of food) ¨C 15.25¡± x 17.75¡± x 18.2¡±
    * Stack-N-Stor 100 (72-79 lbs of food) ¨C 15.25¡± x 20.75¡± x 20.5¡±