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Mr. Scrappy MST-10 Disposer Tool, Cutlery Guard, Plunger, Scraper, Stopper

Product Description

1 - SCRAPER - Mr. Scrappy scrapes the food waste from your plate into the disposer.

2 - PLUNGER - Mr. Scrappy plunges the food waste through the disposer opening--eliminating the need to you your hands or eating utensil.

3 - CUTLERLY GUARD-Sits in the disposer when not in use. Act as a guard to prevent cutlery or other objects from accidentally falling into the disposer. Will still allow water to flow down the drain.

4 - STOPPER - Mr. Scrappy can also act as a stopper when the sink needs to be filled with water.

1 Year Over the Counter Warranty

Imported from USA

Made of Plastic. White finish. Four in One Disposer Tool. Scraper, Stopper, Plunger Cutlery Guard. Reduces Disposer
noise: No need to use hands to insert food waste into disposer. Some assembly required. 3 in. L x 3 in. W x 6 in. H (5
oz.). Mr. Scrappy Multi-Purpose Disposer Tool acts a food scraper, food plunger, cutlery guard and as a sink stopper.
The Tool is treated with Bio-Shield Anti-Microbial for odor protection. It fits virtually all popular disposers. The
Disposer Tool also helps reduce disposer noise and prevents splash back. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. If you have
a disposer, you need a Mr. Scrappy Disposer Tool.