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Danco Disposal Genie Garbage Disposal Strainer, Black, 10051

Product Description

Constructed of tough, durable dishwasher safe plastic

Prevents silverware and other larger items from slipping into drain

Water and food particles flow freely into the garbage disposal

Silicon scraper can be used to clean dishes and push particles into disposal

Disposal can run freely with Genie in place

Universal design fits all standard disposal openings

Imported from USA

Danco’s 10051 disposal genie in black combines the best of form and function. Its universal design fits all standard
disposal openings, while its antimicrobial Microban-infused construction provides protection against odor-causing germs
that can develop in sinks, drains, and associated plumbing fixtures.

At a Glance

10051 Disposal Genie
At a Glance:

* Allows small food particles and water into the sink drain while keeping other items from slipping in

* Safe to run garbage disposer with genie in place

* Dishwasher safe (ABS plastic construction)

* Universal design fits all standard disposer openings

At a Glance

Danco 10051 Disposal Genie
Danco's disposal genie has Microban infused into its plastic construction to protect against microbial substances (view

Super Stopper
No ordinary garbage disposer stopper, Danco’s disposal genie filters water and small waste particles (such as food) to
enter the sink drain while stopping other items like cooking utensils and silverware from falling in. It’s safe to run
the disposer while the genie is covering the drain, and its universal design fits all standard drain openings. The genie
is dishwasher safe thanks to its sturdy ABS plastic construction, and an incorporated silicone scraper can be used to
wash dishes. Making Use of Microban
Danco and Microban partnered in the development of the disposal genie to pioneer a patent-pending manufacturing process
that infuses the Microban antimicrobial additive into the product during the manufacturing process. It then becomes a
permanent part of the genie’s plastic construction for long-term protection against potential odor- and illness causing
microbial substances like mildew, bacteria, and mold. Microban is registered with the EPA and has been proven to be safe
(more than 20,000 independent lab tests confirm its effectiveness and harmlessness).

About Danco
Danco is a leading plumbing repair, replacement, and remodel supplier in the home improvement industry. Largely focused
on providing do-it-yourselfers with affordable plumbing solutions for kitchens and bathrooms, Danco has continually
evolved as a company over more than 35 years. The company’s fearless and tenacious spirit influences a culture that
constantly strives to find new, innovative solutions to simplify plumbing replacement projects.

What's in the Box
One Danco 10051 disposal genie in black.

Danco 10051 Disposal Genie
Danco 10051 Disposal Genie
Danco 10051 Disposal Genie

The disposal genie filters food particles and water while preventing other items from falling in (click each to