DeMarini Youth Distance -12 Baseball Bat with a 2 1/4-Inch Barrel (19-Ounce/31-Inch)

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  • DX1 Alloy - Delivers perfect balance oh high KSI strength and fracture toughness for long lasting performance.
  • Shock Diffusion Handle (SDH) - Exclusive rubberized coating designed to decrease shock felt in a players hand at contact.
  • Hybrid Performance Grip - 2 piece grip with thin performance feel and faded color look
  • The Distance -12 is for Little League and leagues requiring a 2 1/4" barrel.
  • Wilson Youth 2012 Distance -12 Baseball Bat

    Wilson DeMarini Distance Youth Baseball Bat 2012 is constructed of DX1 alloy that makes it strong and durable. Its
    handle has a rubberized coating to diffuse the shock felt by the players when hitting the ball. Two-piece performance
    grip provides enhanced control on the bat to better their swings. Players can use this -12 drop bat for Little League
    and youth baseball tournaments as it meets the standard for a youth baseball bat.

    * DX1 alloy provides high yield strength and fracture toughness
    * 2 -+inch barrel diameter
    * 1.15 BPF per youth baseball bat standard