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Imported from USA

Royalty was arriving in the harbour in a steam-yacht. It had, that is, already arrived in the harbour; it was now
disembarking on the pier. It was an interesting event. An edified crowd watched it; representatives of the Press jotted
down their impressions; some took photographs. A few drew pictures instead. The representative of the Marchese Peppino,
an illustrated paper widely perused in certain circles, drew pictures; one might gather that it was his intention to be
funny, later, when he had leisure to amplify. Marchese Peppino always had that intention, and its readers, whose
judgment of humour was possibly, however, not of the most delicate or polished type, considered that it usually
fulfilled it. The drawings now in process of production were, before they were amplified at leisure, really quite like
life; later they would become less so, but no doubt more entertaining. They seemed to be a little funny even now. A man
looking over the artist's shoulder giggled and dug him in the ribs. The artist was a nonchalant young man, who did not
seem to be amusing himself particularly, but to be working in a wholly professional and business-like spirit. He had
quick eyes and clever fingers, and presumably, since he did his job really well, a suitably developed sense of the