Lake Placid Supreme Women's Soft Boot Figure Ice Skate (10)

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Product Description

Nu Buck soft boot design w/Thinsulate insulation

Woven soft touch lining w/form fit memory foam

Reinforced ankle support w/extended counters for heel stability, & ankle strap

Nickel plated, heat treated, edge hardened Carbon Steel Blade

Water proof sole

Glide across the ice in style and comfort with the Lake Placid Supreme Womens Soft Boot Figure Ice Skate. This ice skate
features a nickel-pleated heat-treated and edge-hardened carbon steel blade.Features. Nu Buck soft boot design with
Thinsulate insulation. Woven soft touch lining with form fit memory foam . Rein forced ankle support with extended
counters for heel stability ankle strap. Nickel plated heat treated edge hardened Carbon Steel Blade. Water proof sole.
Dimension - 16.25 x 13.75 x 5.5 in.. Item Weight - 5 lbs.. Size - 10. Color - Silverbluegrey. Material - Polyurethane
Polyester EVA Foam