• Professional grade, flexible UV Resistant system featuring High-Grade Composite hardware.
  • Propels continuous ultra-fine mist that cools ambient air temperature up to 30°F (16°C).
  • Specialized nozzles atomize fluid H2O into microparticles that flash-evaporate on contact.
  • 30’ UV Resistant, Flexible Nylon-Braided Mist Line.
  • 10’ UV Resistant, Flexible Nylon-Braided Supply Line.
  • 16 High-Grade Composite Nozzle Fittings.
  • 16 MICROMIST High-Grade Composite Misting Nozzles.
  • 32 High-Grade Composite Mounting Brackets.
  • High-Grade Composite Spigot Connector.
  • Entirely eco-powered – requires no batteries or electricity of any kind.
  • Imported from USA.
The professional grade COOL PATIO™ is a flexible, high-quality mist-cooling system that is the perfect balance of technology and value – providing a cool environment from the heat for your favorite outdoor areas. The COOL PATIO™ propels a continuous flow of ultra-fine mist that provides temperate climate control and an instant cooling sensation that must be felt to be believed. System comes pre-assembled, complete with 30’ mist line, 10’ supply line, 32 mounting brackets, and 16 of our exclusive MICROMIST™ high-grade composite nozzles that atomize liquid H2O into microparticles that flash-evaporate and dramatically cool the surrounding air temperature up to 30°F – ensuring a mild climate in even the hottest environments. The COOL PATIO™ is a fully complete system that operates exclusively on standard water pressure* (normally 60-80 psi) so it’s ready to mist right out of the box**. * not compatible with any booster pump **water source required

MistyMate 16030 Cool Patio 30 Outdoor Misting Kit