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Product Description

5.5L Stainless Steel Innerpot with heavy clad bottom

2L Stainless Steel innerpot that nests inside the 5.5L pot

One hand easy open twist off lid

Medium size good for feeding 3-5 people

Imported from USA

Welcome to Thermal Cooking! Saratoga Jack's thermal cooker is a highly insulated stainless steel lined thermal container
unit, with a lid that seals shut and a fold up/down handle for easy portability. The inner stainless steel cooking pots,
includes one large 5.5 liter pot with a heavy duty bottom, with the addition of a smaller pot that can be nested inside
of the larger one, providing a place for a optional small side dish. Use of the smaller pot is optional. It can be
removed to accommodate larger quantities of food in the larger pot, which can be used separate and independent of the
smaller nesting pot. The deluxe heavy duty bottom is on the larger pot only. A thermal cooker like an electric slow
cooker cooks food at low healthy temperatures. The advantage with a thermal cooker is that you have a inner pot you use
on your stove to bring your recipe to a simmer and then after simmering for a few minutes to as many as 30, you simply
take the pot of the stove, place it in the insulated outer container and close the lid. From the moment you close the
lid the heat of the food is held inside and used to finish the cooking of your meal. No more power, stove time or fuss
is needed. Simply let it sit and it finishes cooking without burning or even over cooking your recipe.