Penny 59mm Skateboard Wheels (Clear)

by Penny Skateboards

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Product ID: 675267


  • 59mm
  • 78A
  • Penny original wheel
  • Penny skateboards is our take on the ol’ banana board style skateboards. Once made popular in the 1970’s, they slowly
    fizzled out because they were not able to keep up with the natural progression of the sport. Fast forward 40 years…
    By utilizing modern day advancements in plastics, alloys and composites, Absolute Distributors has reignited the banana
    board concept with a product that has to be seen to be believed. Penny skateboards initially released in
    Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Europe. Within a year, the brand became an international phenomenon with over 50,000
    unique fans worldwide. It is available in 14 different color variations including a transparent and a glow-in-the-dark
    model. Each Penny board is ultra-portable and features a custom 3” Penny branded hanger truck. Most importantly, the
    Penny skateboard is a revolutionary product that has seamless appeal to all types of skateboarders – young to old, core
    to longboarder, beginner to expert.


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