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SpiceStor Organizer Spice Rack 40 Clip 10.75"D x 10.25"H

Product Description

Organize your spices in minutes! Instantly find what you need without rearranging

Any layout variation up to 40 small or 20 large spices per organizer page. Fits all standard round sizes containers

Versatile SpiceStor organizer hangs from you cabinet shelf or can stand independently on a pantry shelf

Add additional SpiceStor units side-by-side for easy storage expansion; Store 100+ spices in a single small kitchen upper cabinet. A real space saver

Easy installation, no tools required. Made from recycled/recyclable materials; High quality, unbreakable and Made in USA

Imported from USA

SpiceStor Organizer is an easy and cost effective way to efficiently store and quickly access your spices in your
kitchen cabinets, on pantry shelves or in deep drawers. Most standard round spice bottles are compatible and can be
inserted into clips that are mounted on SpiceStor pages. The clips can be mounted with pre-applied sticky foam tape in a
variety of different layouts onto the SpiceStor pages. Pages can optionally be suspended from SpiceStor hangers that are
securely taped to the bottom of a cabinet shelf. Pages slide out for easy access and can even be pulled out completely
allowing them to stand upright or flat on a counter. Installing multiple pages per cabinet allows easy expansion. Each
double-sided populated page occupies about 4 1/2" of horizontal cabinet space. Adjacent units can be mounted
side-by-side and do not require additional clearance. Different size pages and extra clips are available and are sold
separately. Basic installation is simple, requires no tools. The optional hanger can be easily taped to the shelf (or
screwed down using the provided screws). SpiceStor spice rack is a high quality unbreakable product MADE IN AMERICA
using recycled/recyclable materials. Spices and containers are not included. User tapes clips to SpiceStor pages.
Includes: 1 SpiceStor page, 1 hanger, 40 container clips, 3 screws, page alignment clip and setup instructions.