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Product: 681620

Viper 350HV - Viper 3-Channel Security System with Keyless Entry

Product Description

•Includes two 3-channel remotes

•3-channel security system with keyless entry lets you lock and unlock the doors with a remote

•Parking light flash and bright blue status LED

•Stinger DoubleGuard shock sensor senses both light and hard impacts to your vehicle

•Revenger 6-tone siren deters potential thieves

Imported from USA

Control the Vehicle From up to 1 Mile Away ARM-Lock your doors and arm the security system with the push of a button
DISARM- Unlock your doors and disarm the security system with the push of a button AUXILIARY- Open your trunk and
control several other optional functions SECURITY: FailSafe Starter Kill Stops Would-Be Car Thieves Stinger Double-Guard
Shock Sensor Detects Tampering Revenger Soft-Chirp Siren and Parking Light Alarm Response Patented Nuisance Prevention
Prevents Recurrent False Alarms Panic Mode- Call For Attention by Triggering Alarm Status LED Warns Thieves and Gives
You Info About The System CONVENIENCE Optional Keyless Entry Dedicated Lock and Unlock Buttons For Easy Use Trunk
Release Output For Optional Trunk Release Domelight Supervision Output Can Light Your Vehicle as You Approach Comfort
Closure Automatically Closes Windows on Some Vehicles Programmable AUX Output for Remote-Controlled Options