• Unlike the dryness of a tampon and the irritability of a pad, the Intimus Cup's comfort is the harbinger of safety and hygiene.
  • The Intimus cup is economical and reliable; It can hold up to 5 times more fluids than a tampon or a pad; You don't need to worry about TSS or infections with the help of menstrual cups.
  • Freeing you of any added stress, forget stains and embarrassment; The Intimus Cup is reusable; Without hampering your safety, you can now help save oceans and landfills simply.
  • The cup is manufactured to last around 10 years; The menstrual flow collected can help you be mindful of potential causes of concern such as iron deficiency, changes in colour and menopause.
  • Pack of 2 provides an opportunity for one to have the cup always available in the handbag while on the move and the standby is kept at home.
  • Imported from India.
Size:Large Gone are the days of infections, irritability, rashes and prolonged discomfort. With the Intimus Menstrual Cup, our goal is to revolutionize feminine hygiene. In a country where the tropical climate helps fester viruses and bacteria, women, especially are prone to a multitude of infections. Sanitary pads and tampons, however disposable, not only make your period an uncomfortable weekly ride, but they also cause enough waste to damage the ecological balance and potentially put a lot of women and animals at risk. A healthier and economical alternative to it would be the reusable menstrual cup that can last up to 10 years at an end! Intimus Menstrual cup works as the best replacement for traditional sanitary pads and tampons. It is made of medical grade silicone that can last for years. It is a bell-shaped cup that extends into a stem-like handle, strong at the rim but completely soft elsewhere to make it fit in comfortably. It leaves no foul odours and unlike pads, can collect up to three times the amount of fluid - making your period feel like a breeze. It facilitates hassle-free movement thus allowing you to play your favourite sport, sleep in your favourite posture, frolic around without the fear of a leak. It will also protect the environment from excessive disposal of bio-medical waste. Selecting your size: Various factors come into play when one sets out to select a size and both our variations are made keeping the following in mind: Different age groups, nature of childbirth, pelvic floor firmness, cervix heights, cup firmness and the quantum of flow. The Intimus Cup is available in two sizes: Size S (1): Ideal, with its capacity of 28 ml, for women under the age of 25 who have never delivered a baby. Size L (2): Ideal, with its capacity of 32 ml, for women above the age of 25 who have delivered through the vagina. Flexible and easy to use, can be washed with water, worn for up to 12 hours.

Intimus Menstrual Cup Premium Design, Soft Comfort Fit, Flexible, Reusable, Medical Grade Silicone – For Women Above 25 years of age, After Childbirth, Medium to Heavy Flow Size Large (1 Unit)