handyman Apple-Shaped 10" Bladeless Cooling Fan w/Remote. SAFE: no fast-spinning blades. Adjustable Blade-less Fan with Swivel, Multi-Speed, Remote Control - Tabletop Fan / Pedestal Fans (Red)

by Handyman

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  • Safer & Quieter Than Traditional Bladed Fans
  • Touch Fan To Direct Air; One Touch Oscillation, Cools The Entire Room
  • Unique design, nice for kitchen bedroom, or office.
  • Energy Efficient And Simple To Clean, A Must Have For The Elegant Office Or Home
  • Package includes: handyman® Bladeless Fan, Remote Control, Operating Manual
  • handyman® Apple-Shaped 10" Bladeless Cooling Fan w/Remote - Adjustable Bladeless Fan with Swivel, Multi-Speed, Remote
    Control - Tabletop Fan / Pedestal Fans


    This eye-catching Bladeless Cooling Table Fan by handyman works differently from conventional fans. The handyman
    Bladeless Fan produces a steady wider flow of cool air by not just chopping the air up but actually amplifying the airs
    speed into a steady wider stream of cool air. With no blades or grille, they're safe and easy to clean. And they produce
    an uninterrupted stream of smooth air, with no unpleasant buffering. You can also adjust the airflow to get as much as
    you want There's no "high," "medium," or "low"; the dimmer switch lets you set the exact power level you want. Rotates
    up to 90 degrees to easily cool an entire room. This is a brand new unique design with truly safe to have anywhere with
    no chance of any damage to your children or pets. A wonderfully charming addition to your home!.A perfect touch for any
    home, this fan would make a amazing gift for anyone, your significant other, friend, parent, or a coworker!

    What's in box:

    1 x Bladeless Fan

    1 x Remote Control

    1 x Operating Manual