Gitzo GT1541 Series 1 4-Section Mountaineer Carbon Fiber Tripod, Maximum Height 52.76", Supports 17.64 lbs.

by Gitzo

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  • Material: Ultra-thin carbon fibers
  • Max Load: 17.6 lbs.
  • Folded Length: 21.3"
  • Max. height: 52.76 in
  • Min. height: 6.89 in.
  • When Gitzo launched the Mountaineer tripods in 1994, they were the World's first carbon fiber tripods. Ever since then
    they've set the standard for performance and quality. The main feature of GT1541 is the new 6X carbon fiber tube, made
    of a unique structure of 6 crossed layers that maximises rigidity, vibration absorption and lightweight performance. 6X
    tube has a high density structure made of top quality ultra-thin carbon fibers (7m or 0.007 mm). Built-in Anti Leg
    Rotation is now a feature of the whole carbon fiber range. Mountaineer tripods have been further improved with features
    and details that increase performance, versatility and quality. The smallest and lightest tripod in the Gitzo range,
    Series 00 offers surprisingly good rigidity. Ideal for spotting scopes, binoculars, compact cameras and DSLR with lenses
    up to 175mm. Convenient for use on top of tables, car bonnets and walls or when working at ground level. G-Lock is the
    leg locking system that increases system rigidity by 20% and allows quicker and stronger leg locking. A solid machined
    aluminum upper disc has been added with a new Safe Lock material that cuts vibration and improves grip between tripod
    and head. The upper disc can also be fitted directly to the upper casting, removing the center column for ground level
    photography or to save weight. All new Mountaineer tripods come with a convenient anti-dust bag for storage and packing.


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