• Call (800) 688-4080) with questions about the extended delivery time**. The HS1 PRO injects Propane and Oxygen into the rodents tunnel and remotely detonates the mixture, removing the problem rodent and their tunnel..
  • Removes the problem gophers, ground squirrels, prairie dogs, badgers, moles, voles, rats, ground hogs and their tunnel..
  • Eco friendly. No harmful poisons or bait. Organic . Very quick and easy to operate..
  • The HS-1 PRO complete kit includes: Propane and oxygen regulators, Remote Detonator with XL Detonator Cord, Gas injector..
  • 50 Foot T-grade gas hoses, safety helmet, full instructions..
  • Imported from USA.
Call (800) 688-4080) with questions about the extended delivery time**. The Rodent Blaster HS-1 PRO Hot Shot Remote is our Heavy Duty system that eliminates problem rodents that eat, chew and destroy our yards. The Rodent Blaster HS1 PRO Remote is an organically safe very easy to use pest control system for damaging rodents.The Rodent Blaster HS1 PRO Remote eliminates problem ground squirrels, controls gophers, ground hogs, moles, voles, prairie dogs, badgers and all rodents that eat, chew, dig and destroy our yards. We have had 15+ years to develop our latest HS1 PRO Remote systems. It injects a precise mixture of propane and oxygen into the rodents burrow with a remote detonating device to exterminate the pests that live in underground tunnels and burrows quickly, safely and humanely without any dangerous poisons or traps. It is safe for the environment and will not harm pets and wildlife unlike dangerous poisons and traps. The cost to operate the Hot Shot PRO Remote is only pennies per blast. Complete HS-1 PRO package kit includes: The Remote Detonator With XL Cord, Gas Injector, 50 foot T-grade gas hoses, propane and oxygen regulators, safety helmet and full instructions.( except propane tank and oxygen tank that you obtain locally) Full 3 Year Limited Warranty.

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